ChartSpan is a healthcare technology company.  We deliver spectacular and unique patient engagement and care coordination solutions for providers in the form of a managed service.  Uh huh.  We combine people, process and technology into a turn-key solution.

Doctors are sick and tired of buying crappy software.  We got tired of them buying crappy software.  So we raised $10,000,000 and spent three years building the most powerful care coordination platform in the healthcare industry.  We’ve built a managed service platform so bad-ass, we don’t even, yet, have a competitor.

ChartSpan delivers turn-key patient engagement solutions to medical providers by maximizing reimbursements, improving care coordination and ensuring Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Payment Model (APM) compliance.

ChartSpan administers our "Engagement-as-a-Service" for medical providers who are tired of buying expensive and ineffective software and demand a more personalized and accountable relationship with their patients. By delighting patients with interoperable and patient-designed technologies, ChartSpan delivers the highest patient engagement rates in healthcare.  

In addition to becoming the #1 most downloaded medical app in the U.S., ChartSpan is proud to have been named one of the 2015 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in America.  We are a start-up in the emerging technology hotbed of Greenville, South Carolina. In just a few years ChartSpan has become one of the most talked about new companies in healthcare tech.